Rates and Information


I offer a free thirty-minute session designed so that I can assess your needs and you can determine whether I am the right tutor for you. There are no expectations that go with this session. If, after this meeting, you decide that I am not the tutor for you, I will accept your decision, no questions asked, and make no further attempts to contact you. 

2 Hrs for $75 is also available as an initial session offer. However, I highly discourage this offer for anyone below college age. 2 hours is a long time for a teenager to focus on one topic. After the first 60 to 90 minutes it tends to become counter-productive


After your initial session, my rates are $60/hour.


Where are tutoring sessions held?
I generally tutor in the client's home. However, if you feel more comfortable, I can meet in a nearby coffee shop, library, etc. If you are willing to meet at my home, or somewhere within a mile of my home, There is a 20% discount.


How often do we meet?
My recommendation is once a week for an hour. But, if you're trying to play catch up, twice a week might be in order. There is, however, no requirement. I am willing to meet bi-weekly, once a month, even once every six months. As long as there is room in my calendar, I'll fit you in.


No hassle policy
If you are coming to my home, you may cancel at any time prior to our appointment. If I am making a house call, all I ask is that you contact me prior to when I get on the road to meet you. If the cancellation comes after that, I'll have to charge you for an hour of my time.

Also, there is no contract between us. If you decide at any time that you no longer wish to have me as a tutor, I will discontinue my service, no questions asked.


Group rates
If you know of other people who need tutoring in the same subject area as yourself, let me know, and we can set up a rate for the entire group. I will tutor up to five people at a time provided that they are all on approximately the same level.


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